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Packages available:

  • Hydreight $185

    *Lactated Ringers

    Combats dehydration with electrolytes

  • Viva Las Vegas $320

    *Myers Cocktail (B vitamins, vitamins C, Magnesium and Calcium Gluconate)

    Improves symptoms associated with chronic pain, fatigue and migraines. In addition, this formulation helps to improve immunity, alleviates hangover symptoms and improves energy levels! For best results add on Glutathione.

  • Immune Support $345

    *Ascorbic Acid *Pyridoxine *Zinc

    Feeling under the weather? This blend helps to fight against infection, improves healing time, strengthens the immune system, and may reduce the duration of illness. To maximize results, add on B-plex and/or Glutathione.

  • Head Banger $320

    *Pyridoxine *Ondansetron

    This multifaceted infusion will improve vascular function linked to migraine attacks and reduces nausea. For best results add on Magnesium, B plex, Ketorolac.

  • Energizer $370

    *B-Plex *Ascorbic Acid *Mineral Blend

    Good for reducing fatigue, irritability, and dehydration, and improves immune function to get you back on your feet. Choose optional add on of Amino Blend, MIC+B12 and/or Magnesium

  • Beast Mode $345

    *B-12 *Amino Blend

    Enhance athletic performance by decreasing the risk for cramping, improving metabolism speed, decreasing muscle loss, and improving muscle recovery and rehydrates. To maximize benefits, choose to add on Magnesium, B-Plex, Mineral Blend and/or Glutathione.

  • Fat Blaster $370

*Glutathione * Amino Blend *Alpha Lipoic Acid

Effective for weight loss support, increased energy, slowing down of the aging process. To                            optimize results, add on B-Plex and/or MIC+B12.

Vitamin 411


Helps maintain healthy cellular functions. Directly impacts energy levels. Helps to promote healthy skin and reduce signs of aging. Helps to promote brain function. Promotes the growth of healthy red blood cells. Converts carbs and fats into energy. Helps break down the byproducts of alcohol.



Reduces oxidative stress. May improve psoriasis. Reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Increases mobility for people with peripheral artery disease. May help fight against autoimmune disease. Improves immune function and helps fight disease processes. Reduces inflammation. Has anti-aging properties. Improve the quality of sleep. Research has shown some improvements of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. For athletes – It can help to reduce muscle damage, increase strength and endurance, and improve recovery time.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Reduces oxidative damage caused by stress. Act as an antioxidant that may help protect cells from radical damage. Has antihistamine properties (good for seasonal allergies). Can help to boost the immune system. Helps increase the absorption of iron. Helps create collagen



ENERGY! ENERGY! ENERGY! Promotes production of red blood cells. Helps with iron absorption. Helps maintain healthy nerve cells and promote healthy DNA/RNA (genetic materials) Promote adrenal function. Promote mental and emotional energy (helps concentration)



Used to help reduce the duration of illnesses, prevent infection, and speed up the body’s healing process


Amino Acids

Can be helpful for wound healing and health outcomes after surgery, improve exercise performance and recovery, decrease muscle loss, burn fat more quickly, and improve metabolism speed



blends of minerals help reverse the effects of dehydration, remove toxins, and replenish vitamins. Minerals are also important for making enzymes and hormones.



Helps with migraine headaches, asthma, muscle spasms, anxiety. Can improve blood pressure and decrease risk of cardiovascular events



Aids in weight loss, boost energy. Helps to metabolize fat for energy. Decreases appetite, suppresses food cravings, improves mood, better sleep.


Ketorolac (NSAID)

Although it is not a vitamin, this in conjunction with selected vitamins can help alleviate headache pain symptoms

medical personnel infusing the dextrose
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